Get ready to embark on an outstanding experience at Très Chic Pet Boutique which was born in 2012 out of true affection, devotion, and respect for animals.


We cater to pet owners who feel their pets deserve the best and we specialize in exceptional services and products.

Le Spaw Grooming shows an endless love for animals and understands that your pet is a valued member of your family; your groomer is vital to your pet’s happiness and health. We have certified groomers care for your pet in a small, intimate, comfortable setting that helps to ease the anxiety that some pets may feel.

Très Chic Pet Boutique is the only place where it’s acceptable for the clients to run in, jump up, kiss your face
and ask for treats…
and we wouldn’t have it any other way!

Le Grand Ballroom Doggie Daycare is a safe and fun play environment where your precious fur baby can spend the day having fun with other dogs and our  knowledgeable caretakers!

Obedience offers training skills so that you are able to continue training your dog after you both graduate our training school.  We believe that a well trained dog will get the love and praise from you that they crave!  

Our mission is to be the pet owner's first choice in pet pampering, so let us make your furry friend's day and yours!




Serves visitors by greeting, welcoming, and directing them appropriately; notifies company personnel of visitor arrival; maintains communications.

Skills and Qualifications:

  • Welcomes visitors by greeting them, in person or on the telephone; answering or referring inquiries.
  • Directs visitors by maintaining employee and department directories; giving instructions.
  • Maintains communication and security by following procedure and maintaining logbook and booking computer systems.
  • Maintains safe and clean reception area by complying with procedures, rules, and regulations.
  • Maintains continuity among work teams by documenting and communicating actions, irregularities, and continuing needs.
  • Contributes to team effort by accomplishing related results as needed.

Job Duties:

Telephone Skills, Verbal Communication, Breed knowledge, Pet Software Skills, Listening, Professionalism, Customer Focus, Organization, Informing Others, Handles Pressure, Supply Management, Team Player


  • Phone skills
  • Communication
  • Simple software skills
  • Breed knowledge
  • Organization
  • Team player

Pet Groomer














daycare attendant

The position requires an enthusiastic, patient approach to dealing with the pets; ability to learn and adhere to the shop’s standards and procedures; humane treatment of the animals at all time is required; must learn and develop skills necessary to effectively and efficiently bathe and finish pets. The position is physically demanding and requires the ability to be exposed to water, soaps, and blowing air for extended periods of time; must be able to stand for entire work day and have the ability to lift 50 pounds.

Skills and Qualifications:


  • Ability to lift up to 50 pounds;
  • Ability to withstand prolonged exposure to water and soaps;
  • Ability to stand for extended periods of time;
  • Ability to fully communicate in English;
  • Ability to withstand prolonged exposure to dog and cat hair;
  • Ability to bend, lift, and reach.


  • Confidence and experience with dogs and/or cats;  Ability to write sufficiently to fill out groom notes.


The Daycare Attendant is responsible for the supervision, control and management of daycare dogs and ensuring the safety of the playgroups. Employee is also responsible for the maintenance and cleaning of the playrooms as well as other areas of the facility as assigned.

Skills and Qualifications:

  • Interact with dogs in playgroups using appropriate toys and tools to ensure safe levels of play and minimizing stress levels of all dogs in playgroup. Maintain visual observation of dogs at all times and spread attention and play among all dogs in playgroup.
  • Use proper dog introduction procedures & handling techniques as instructed by management.
  • Ensure you know all dogs in playgroup and can properly identify them. If not, request assistance from other staff or management.
  • Watch all dogs carefully and immediately consult with management if you have concerns.
  • For all dogs in playgroup, report any unusual behavior, or eliminations and injuries to management immediately.
  • Maintain playroom as instructed per the posted checklist.
  • Ensure that all staff that relieve you for break or shift change know all dogs in group, the special needs dog status and any unusual behaviors or concerns you have been managing during your shift.
  • Complete dog incident reports timely when required. If you are not sure whether a report is required check with management.

Job Duties:

  • Greeting customers and bringing dogs into playroom
  • Interacting and playing with dogs appropriately
  • Tracking dog attendance as needed
  • Answering phones as needed
  • Complete general cleaning duties
  • Scoop dog waste immediately and dispose of it as instructed
  • Mop up accidents immediately
  • Dust mopping/wet mopping floors as assigned.
  • Removing trash from containers
  • Disinfect areas
  • Changing/Laundering towels
  • Cleaning water bowls and other toys


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Animals are reliable, many full of love, true in their affections, predictable in their actions, grateful and loyal. Difficult standards for people to live up to.

~Alfred A. Montapert