Come Play With Us!


Let's Boogie...

Step One:

All our first time dogs who would like to tango with us must SCHEDULE a Dog Temperament Test (we cannot accommodate walk-ins for this process). Call us at 716-805-7996 to schedule your dog’s Temperament evaluation appointment.

The first phase of this Enrollment Evaluation usually takes about 20-30 minutes as we are simply getting to know your dog and introduce them to a few playful members of our daycare.  The evaluation helps us to really get a feel for their personality. It helps your dog to truly acclimate to their new environment, and gives us the opportunity to thoughtfully determine whether or not they are a good fit for our doggie dance.

After passing the initial temperament test... this first day and evaluation is completely FREE! (up to 5 hours)  

So please reach out to us and schedule your dog's Temperament test today!

Step Two:

Provide current Vaccination and Medical Records – ALL DOGS must have a copy of updated & current vaccination records, along with the Pet Medication Form (print from this site) for each dog and any other pertinent medical information that could affect your dog or any of our other dogs in our care when you arrive for your scheduled appointment.

You can always CALL: 716-805-7996 EMAIL: or FAX: 716-242-4996

1. Rabies (rabies certificate after four months of age)
2. Bordetella
3. Distemper/Parvo Combo (often shown as DHPP on your dog’s medical records) Please note we require a 10 day incubation waiting period for all dogs who are receiving the Bordetella vaccine. This means that your dog will not be able to board or attend daycare during this incubation time.

Print, complete, and submit a Pet Guest Profile Form and Pet Medication Form (links on this site) for EACH dog.


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