Why Doggie Daycare?!

The purpose of Le Grand Ballroom Doggie Daycare is to socialize and exercise your pet. Dogs yearn for companionship.  Your dog’s personality can be strongly influenced by the amount of physical and mental stimulation they receive. Many troublesome dog behaviors are a direct result of boredom, anxiety, and loneliness.

Le Grand Ballroom features approximately 1,500 square feet of play. Dogs are placed in groups that best suit their style of play, temperament, and size.

All of our play areas boast play equipment as well as beds for those pups that need a break and segregation areas for dogs that require a timeout. It is a full climate-controlled environment with central air- conditioning in summer and relaxing warmth all winter. Dog Bone pools are often filled for added fun! Each area is closely monitored by members of our friendly and knowledgeable staff, to ensure each guest has a fun and safe experience.

Exit baths are offered so that your dog can come home nice and clean after a fun day of play! *All baths must be pre-booked through our receptionist.


time to dance




*Full Day- any stay longer than 5 hours. 

* Half day- any stay shorter than 5 hours.

Holiday Schedule

We love being with our fur families on holidays and we love when you get to share your holidays together too!  Therefore, Très Chic Pet Boutique shall be closed a few days per year. Please refer to the below calendar for accurate scheduling:

  • Easter Sunday – (Closed)

  • Independence Day – (Closed)

  • Thanksgiving Eve – (Closed)

  • Thanksgiving Day – (Closed)

  • Christmas Eve (Closed)

  • Christmas Day – (Closed)

  • New Year’s Eve – (Closed)

To ensure availability, it is recommended that reservations be made well in advance particularly during high volume/peak periods- holidays & weekends. To reserve your spot you can call 716-805-7996, email treschicpets@gmail.com, or message us on our Facebook page!

To ensure quality service, payment for all services rendered will be paid day of play (unless a package was previously purchased). Any credits for accommodations or services not used will be applied upon check-out. The Grand Ballroom proudly accepts cash, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. As well as cash and personal checks (a $25 fee will be applied for all returned checks).


dance dollars



Full Day - $25 first dog

Full Day - $20 (20% savings) each additional dog

Half Day – $15 first dog

Half Day - $12 (20% savings) each additional dog


10 Full Day Package – $225 (10% savings) first dog

10 Full Day Package - $200 (20% savings) each additional dog

One Month Package Full Day – $675 (10% savings)

One Month Package Full Day - $600 (20% savings) each additional dog


*Full Day package days cannot be converted to Half Days.